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YRFaq Extension for Joomla

This category covers the documentation and useful guides of YRFaq extension for Joomla.

Global Configuration – Email Configuration
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The option Email Configuration allows you to configure email sending enabling email function, to attach administrators’ emails, enable sending of emails to users, and to personalize email template to administrators and users. We stop to cover some points that may seem to be hard to understand.

  1. Option Enable Email – Enable email function. If it is disabled, email will not be sent 
  2. Admin/Admins email – this option allows you to specify email address where to send email. If there are more than one email address, they should be separated by a comma. E.g.,,
  3. Subject and Message of email – should be sent as they are written with the exception of metatags. Should be noted that you can substitute default texts also in HTML format
  4. Emails to users – Enable or disable sanding of email to user

TAG in email body and in subject that you see are predefined by our script meta symbols and allow you to insert values in email. Summary:

  1. [title_of_faq] – A title will be inserted into email
  2. [sender_name] – Name of a person who sent a question
  3. [sender_email] - Email of a person who sent a question
  4. [link_of_faq] – direct link to show a FAQ article
  5. \n – New line

Global Configuration – Search Configuration
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Integrated Search function allows your users to search articles using key-words. In this option there are two parameters. The first one “Search in body” permits to search in the text. Should be noted that general search occurs only in the titles of the articles and if you enable the function of search in the text, it will be effectuated only if no results are found in the titles.

The option Allow empty search determines whether to search or not if in the search field there is no any symbol.

Global Configuration – ACL and Permissions
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If you want to restrict access to a content of a category or some FAQ articles only to certain groups, you should specify access during category or articles creation. The parameter is the same both in articles and in a category and is shown below:

The last option of the configuration allows to set ACL permissions of the component.

Send a new question and reply to a question
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To send a new question you should click the button new question and to fill in the fields writing a question. You can see example on this page clicking New Question .

If you have configured the email function, as it was explained in this article Global Configuration – Email Configuration, writing email address, enabling email function, enabling sending of emails to users and admins, you will receive a notification on your email address that a new question was sent by a user. To reply to a question log in to backend of your site and go to Components > Yrfaq. In menu on the left you will find an item of menu To Reply with a number aside. The number shows how many questions there are to reply to, as shown in the image.

Clicking on the item of menu To Reply, you will be redirected to the page with pending questions. You will see the list of open unanswered questions.

Click on a question to reply and you will find some additional tools that allow you to manage the questions from the users. The button Mark As Replied is necessary to transfer a question from the page “To Reply” to the page FAQ where there are all the FAQ articles. If you don’t mark as Replied, the FAQ article will not be published. So to publish a question write a reply, modify the state to published, mark as replied and save. The messages near the buttons will warn you about the steps to make.

Set on published in the options

Can send email notification to user who sent a question clicking on Send Email. Should be noted that in email to user there is a direct link to the FAQ article, so we advise you to send notification, reply, publish and mark as replied. Email template can be personalized in options of the component, following this article Global Configuration – Email Configuration. There are the options which permit to personalize the appearance of the email.

The next option allows you to see who sent a question. Under editor you will find details about a person who created a question. Details about a person who sent a question.

Item of menu Configuration
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In the options of menu item there are parameters which allow you to configure single items of menu. If you configure parameters of menu, these parameters will be used but not those of global configuration. Click on the section to modify. If you leave Global Use, the global parameters of the component will be used and can be changed by following a series of tutorial starting from Global Configuration of component

How to delete, suspend or publish FAQ articles
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To delete FAQ articles you should log in to YRFaq component interface, select article/articles to suspend, publish and delete and click on necessary button using buttons. If you want to delete article/articles click on trash, article/articles will be placed trash and will not be permanently deleted. To delete permanently select the state “Trashed” and click on empty trash.

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