Features of Joomla Templates with Extendible TM

Automatic Update
Availability control of the new template version and automatic update
Logo & Favicon
Maximum customization of the website logo and favicon
Layout & Style
Tools that allow to customize the template layout and styles
Tools that allow to customize 4 types of menu integrated in the template
More than 120 available fonts with the possibility to customize colors and dimensions
Cookie Alert
The integrated system to set the Cookie message for each installed language
Extendible TM Framework
Extendible TM is a framework on which our last Joomla templates are based. It is presented as the basis for each template and includes many tools, options and functions which allow you to customize the template professionally, without the need to know the codes.
The integrated tool to increase performances and speed of the website
Options to customize and publish the socials icons in every position on the template
Install one of the default styles of the template or save your own styles that can also be refreshed
Add your CSS/JS code without the risk of losing it after the update
Custom Offline Page
Offline page customization for each installed language with Countdown option
Custom Error Page
Error page customization for each language installed on the website

Maximum customization of the template

The templates based on Extendible TM Framework are perfect for every Joomla webmasters and allow to create websites at any difficulty levels.

Each template has its own control panel which includes several integrated tools allowing you to customize the template as you want and without modifying or creating a new code.

Add and customize the positions of the template modules

Layout & Style tool allows to customize your website layout for the different devices, add and remove modules positions in the template and apply animated effects and CSS styles to each template position or positions block.

  • Add module position
  • Remove module position
  • Set position width
  • Move position to the right/left
  • Hide position
  • 120+ of Google Font
  • Dimensions and colors of the texts
  • Animated effects
  • Speed and delay of the effect
  • Color or background image
  • Box shadow and box shadow hover
  • Border
  • Padding
  • Margin
Layout del template
Pagina di errore e pagina offline del template

Offline page and error page

The tools allow to customize offline page and error page for each language installed on the website.

Offline Page - This page is displayable when the website is offline, for example when it is updating. The integrated tool permits to customize the message and the setting of the countdown.
Error Page - A well-structured error page helps not to lose the visitor when he arrives on a page that no longer exists. The customization tool for error page allows to customize the message and set the modules that will be displayed, such as menu module, copyright, lateral menus.