YRPrice Calculator for Joomla!
YRPrice Calculator for Joomla!

YRPrice Calculator is compatible with Joomla 4.x and developed for calculating the final cost of products or services and order processing.

YRPrice Calculator includes many features for compiling and displaying the catalog of products or services, with the support of the online PayPal, Stripe(credit/debit card) payment systems, 2-level VAT rate system, EU VAT number validation and the built-in Membership feature.

YRPrice Calculator is user-friendly software with intuitive settings, consisting of two main components.

Calculating the Cost of Products or Services and Order Processing

The component is divided into Categories with primary and secondary items of products or services that are displayed to users through the menu. Secondary items are activated and displayed on the user's screen only after selecting the primary item they are linked to.

Primary and secondary items may be displayed as:

Primary Items
  • Section - Contain secondary items
  • Default – Activated Checkbox
  • Checkbox
  • Select
  • Multiselect
  • Date
  • Date and hours/minutes

Secondary Items
  • Checkbox
  • Select
  • Multiselect
  • Checkbox with an image
  • Select with an image
  • Date
  • Date and hours/minutes

The primary and secondary items are provided with their own settings that can be changed depending on the item.

Management of Orders and Customers

The Back end & Front end(for administrators and dedicated managers) of YRPrice Calculator, provide tools for viewing and editing the existing orders. In the Back end, you can view and edit the personal information of customers and view existing orders.

Emails and Templates

YRPrice Calculator enables text editing in email alerts and templates with using variables of customers and order details. Sending each type of email can be configured in the parameters of the component. YRPrice Calculator offers the following types of emails and templates:

  • Registration on the website – Email
  • New order – Email
  • The order is partially paid – Email
  • The order is paid – Email
  • Terms of service - Template
  • Pay Offline - Template
  • Without payment methods - Template

System of Discounts

YRPrice Calculator provides for a triple system of discounts.

  • The coupon can be set to a percentage discount or a fixed amount discount.
  • Different price of product, based to quantity of product.
  • A discount when buying X or more number of products can be set as a percentage or a fixed amount.


YRPrice Calculator offers a 3-level VAT rate system + VAT 0%. In the Control Panel, you will find a system for setting VAT system for different countries. YRPrice Calculator also includes EU VAT number validation and 2 different types of taxes, such as:

  • Tax included in the price
  • Tax added to the price


YRPrice Calculator is integrated with the PayPal, Stripe(credit/debit card) payment systems that can be configured in the component settings. You will also find Pay Offline (bank transfer) or Payment methods can be disabled, in this case we recommend you to edit the template "No payment methods".

YRPrice Calculator Settings

YRPrice Calculator is provided with a flexible setting system with numerous options to configure the component as you wish. Here are some examples of the key options:

  • Style selection - Included 5 styles
  • Capcha - On/Off, captcha for registered users - On/Off
  • Order form configuration: breadcrumbs, header, image, description, number of columns for images and sorting
  • Global dimensions thumbnail configuration and crop configuration(cropping images to match the size of thumbnails)
  • Currency symbol and currency position
  • Tax configuration, tax type selection and the activation of EU VAT validation
  • Billing configuration
  • Email management
  • Assignment of managers and management of their rights
  • Customer Registration - On/Off

Membership – Paid Subscriptions

Membership enables creating free and paid subscription plans and displaying them to users through the menu. Subscription options include assignment of users to a certain group after payment and removal from the group after the expiration of the subscription. Another option is the selection of file categories for download that will be accessible to users during their subscription period.

Connecting Membership Plans to Quote Items

Membership and subscription plans can be connected to both primary and secondary items in the settings and are activated after payment.

File Manager

YRPrice Calculator has a built-in file manager included in the Membership that enables the creation of file categories and files that will be accessible for download to customers who have an active subscription.

Customer Management

The Admin Panel offers tools to manage the Membership customers, add customers to active plans, disable active plans or edit the subscription period.

YTR PRice Calculator offers numerous features such as:
  • Final price calculation on a real time
  • Supported fields in the quote items: checkbox, select, multiselect, checkbox with an image, select with an image, quantity box(with plus & minus), date amd date with hours/minutes
  • Responsive Design
  • Image upload with scaling down for thumbnails, cropping to match the size of thumbnails
  • Integration with the PayPal, Stripe(credit/debit card) payment systems, PayOffline (bank transfer) or without payment
  • Setting the amount of the first payment (percentage of the order value)
  • Date conditions
  • Managers – assignment of users to manage orders
  • Order management in the User and Admin sections of the website
  • Various types of emails, text personalization and variables embedded in the email template. Email send configuration
  • Customer registration, selection and configuration of registration fields
  • User authorization (login form)
  • Coupon (percentage or fixed amount)
  • Different price of product, based to quantity of product.
  • Discount setting (percentage or fixed amount) for the purchase of X or more products
  • Captcha
  • Membership – enables to create subscription plans (temporary and permanent), assign to groups and download files
  • Connection of Membership in quote items settings
  • File management (file categories and files for download), file download in the User section of the website
  • VAT – optimized for sales in the EU
  • EU VAT number validation
  • 3-level VAT rate system + VAT 0%
  • VAT setting for individual countries
  • 2 types of taxes – included in the price, added to the price (based on the tax rate of the customer’s country)
  • With / without customer registration
Select Your Membership Plan
Membership Plan
Subscription plans include unlimited download of the purchased product, unlimited use, further updates and support for the entire subscription period.
After the expiry of the subscription, the purchased product will stay active without any restrictions.
*The final price may vary according to the rate of VAT applied in your state.
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