DSViewer is a Joomla 4 component devised for webmasters or web agencies that deal with websites creation or websites graphic. DSViewer allows to group and display demo websites, ready-made websites or templates directly from your website. DSViewer includes websites display emulator functions in mobile devices and can also be used as a portfolio.

Websites display, portfolio and mobile devices emulator

DSViewer has a very simple configuration and management and includes an easy structure that is subdivided into categories and sites.


Categories group together the assigned websites and include the configuration parameters of titles and texts for each installed language.


Sites are the references to websites to display and include several functions for display:

  • Configuration for each installed language
  • Emulator selection (PC, horizontal/vertical smartphone, vertical tablet)
  • Buttons creation
  • Description
  • Image loading tool and image crop configuration


DSViewer supports two types of display that can be displayed through a menu item:

  • Category
  • DSV
Category Display

Category Display allows to display websites images in grid modality and offers many display functions, such as images with link in DSV modality, image enlargement, description and created buttons appearance. The following configurations for category display are present in the global configuration of the component.

  • Primary and secondary orderOrdinamento primario e secondario
  • Alignment, dimensions and texts color
  • Number of columns selection
  • Number of websites to display when page is loading
  • Number of websites to load
  • Types of loading: automatic or manual (Click button)
  • Loading speed
  • Loading effect
  • Description display type (popup or in the image box)
  • Description display effect

DSV Display

DSV Display displays websites functioning as a mobile devices emulator and has a block at the top which includes the logo, the menu showing the category websites, the customized buttons and the buttons to activate the emulator – the emulator activates by clicking on the appropriate device-shaped icon and the website gets resized and included in the image of the clicked device. The following settings are present in the global configuration:

  • Select style (black, blue, orange, grey, light grey)
  • Menu columns (1 or 2)
  • The number of menu items for each column
  • Primary and secondary order
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