Matrix Template - Extendible
Matrix Template - Extendible

Matrix is an universal template which can be adapted to different websites typologies thanks to its 5 default styles that totally change the graphic aspect of the template. Matrix is perfect for websites of small and medium-sized enterprises, companies and websites dealing with sport and technology.

Demo: Matrix Template Demo

Extendible TM Framework
The template is based on Extendible TM framework, developed by us, which allows you to customize the template professionally through the useful control panel and without the need to know or write the code.

Per i dettagli sulle funzionalità visita Extendible TM Framework

YRFaq Logo
YRFAQ - FAQ for Joomla!

YRFAQ is a Joomla component which allows a modern FAQ articles visualization and includes whatever is necessary to frequently asked questions management.
YRFAQ is supplied with the template without additional costs.
For details: YRFaq - FAQ for Joomla!

YRMinifier Logo
YRMinifier - Site Performance

YRMinifier joins and compresses css files, js, styles and scripts in just two cache files, so as to improve the websites performances and the pages loading speed.
YRMinifier is included in this template and can be configured in the template control panel.

YRVote Logo
YRVote - Vote & Rating

YRVote is a plugin which allows you to vote the articles and communicates to Google the final votes result, that is displayed with stars in the search engine results.
YRVote is integrated in the template and can be configured in the template control panel.
For details: YRVote

QuickStart logo
QuickStart - Sito web già pronto

The QuickStart packet is available in the Template. QuickStart is installed as Joomla and, at the end of the installation, the website will be like in our demo, including content, extensions and images.

Modules Positions

The template has several modules positions on which you can post an infinite number of Joomla modules. Below you will find an image with the positions.

Posizioni dei moduli di Matrix Template
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